Who Wants You Dead?

Do you want to follow and be more like Jesus Christ?


1. He was a stumbling block and a rock of offense.

Would others describe you as a stumbling block and a rock of offense?

(1 Peter 2:6-8)

2. He offended many.

Would others describe you as offensive?

(Matthew 11:6; Matthew 11:57; Matthew 15:11; John 6:61)

3. He was zealous for the Lord and for His house.

Would others describe you as zealous for the Lord?

(John 2:17)

4. The world hated Him and His followers.

Are you hated by the vast majority of people you encounter?

(John 15:18-19; 1 John 3:13; Matthew 10:22)

5. All who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.

Have you been routinely persecuted by others?

(2 Timothy 3:12)

6. Are you a friend of the world and the people in it?

Do you try to persuade or please men rather than God? Is it possible to please both?

(James 4:4; Galatians 1:10; Matthew 6:24)

7. Do you hate your own family and your own life compared to your love for the Lord?

Can you follow Him if you don’t? Do you endeavor to do what He says? Should you even call Jesus your Lord if you don’t?

(Luke 14:26; Luke 6:46)


A servant is not greater than His Master (John 15:20; Matthew 10:24). If we are faithful to the Lord, our life will look like His. You won’t find a better way than Yahweh and His way. His eternally begotten Son Jesus Christ isn’t simply the best way, or a way, but The Way.

The world killed Jesus Christ and His followers.

Who wants you dead?


Grace and peace be yours in Jesus Christ.

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